Case Studies

Sustainable Case Studies

Whether you use the term "Green," "Sustainable," or "Environmental" architecture has entered a new paradigm where a focus on the environment, energy, ecology, and social equity are driving a new architectural philosophy. Designing within this new paradigm is not an aesthetic decision, nor is it purely a technical one. Rather, embracing a new green and sustainable architecture is a mind-set based on how you as a client view and value the space that you live in and the natural world. Because, we at Domain Architecture & Design view this new paradigm as an approach to design, it is inherently without an aesthetic. Illustrated by the projects in this section, integrating sustainable strategies with various styles and aesthetics is possible to do.

The following examples show how sustainable strategies are applied as another layer to the goals of a project. They are not added at the end, but rather part of the entire design process from programming through construction. This allows the client and architect together to weigh the costs and benefits of each decision in the context of the whole building, not as an individual item. What results is a more holistic design that meets the clients programmatic, spatial, aesthetic, and environmental goals. It is often viewed that one of these must be sacrificed for the sake of the others. This is not always the case when all are considered from the beginning of the project. Studies have shown that "green" homes cost only 2-3% more, and others [link to study] show that there can be no added upfront costs when certain design decisions are made. The examples shown here attempt to show how program, space, aesthetics and style, and environmental design can be supportive of rather than oppositional to each other’s goals.