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Domain Architecture Featured on HomeTime
June 11’
Watch the videos: Idea House and Small Domain

Midwest Home
June/ July 11’
A mid-century 1963 Elizabeth Close house was highlighted in this issue of Midwest home. Domain Architecture helped the owners design a new kitchen and other updates through the home that needed maintenance while respecting the core of the design direction provided by the original home. Interior designer Sally Wheaton Husha further helped to highlight preserved details against the new elements shaping the space.

Trends:  New Idea Trends
Vol. 27 No 4
‘Relaxing by the pool’ is a new article covering the East Isles Retreat. A new gracious rooftop deck overlooks Lake of the Isles while a very simple and elegant pool becomes the focal point of the back yard. Domain partnered with Coen + Partners, landscape architects to create a pallet of minimal materials in the courtyard that is very simple and quite flexible.

Home and Garden Show
March 2nd- 6th 11’
This year the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show showcased two structures. Both were designed by Domain Architecture and built by Energy Panel Structures in just three days. The 1500 sf idea home featured two enclosed side yards rather than a typical back yard and is designed compactly to sit on a small city in fill lot. The 600sf Small Domain sits lightly on the land on the smallest of lots or remotely

Trends: Kitchens
Vol 2702
Edgewater Modern by Domain Architecture is the cover story in this issue. Exceptional materials were selected that are both durable and beautiful. White oak walls contain and conceal functionality, from a hidden powder room to cabinets and refrigerators, while adding warmth and texture. A sculptural spiral stair leads to a private terrace surrounded by a green roof landscaped with native vegetation. This exquisitely detailed penthouse is luxurious and stunning at every turn.

Renovation Style
Winter 2010
The Mount Curve Residence has been covered in this latest issue.  The original Federal-style home has been renovated and added on to expand an aging kitchen and to streamline circulation at the core of the home. Exterior details truly speak to and enhance the original historic language of the structure while new interior elements focus on the culinary heart of the home and the spaces that grow from within. Domain partnered with Gunkelman Flesher (interior designers) to execute the finishing details.

Architecture Minnesota
May/June 10’
The Kenilworth Bungalow was featured in this spring’s Sustainability and Style issue with an article titled: A Traditional Green: A Craftsman-inspired LEED Platinum home perfectly complements its historic neighbors.

Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA)
April 10’
The Kenilworth Bungalow was selected as the winner in the category of Single Family Homes Over 3000 sq. ft. at the SIPA Annual Meeting and Conference in Chicago, Illinois. The home was also the Overall Competition Runner-Up (second to an elementary school in Las Vegas).  Judges were impressed with the emphasis on sustainability in the early design phases and a thorough cost analysis conducted to select energy-efficient technologies with the shortest payback.

Design Within Reach – Presentation and Discussion
March 18th, 6-8pm
Please join Domain Architecture & Design at Design Within Reach as we discuss our Small Domains. The Small Domains are designed to create warm, healthy, and easy living in whatever landscape you enjoy the most. The final result is a building that is energy efficient, low in maintenance and cost effective. There will be a presentation and open discussion. Drinks will be provided by 612brew.

Star Tribune
February 21st
The Kenilworth Bungalow was the cover story of this Sunday’s Home & Garden Section with an article titled: Something old, Something New.

Mpls St Paul Magazine
January 10'
The Black Oaks Residence was featured in the Homes- Roomology Section in an article titled "Wayzata Kitchen and Family Room". (