Small Domains

Small Domains are designed to be lean and green; a small footprint means small energy use. Anxieties of day to day life melt away while relaxing in these simple shelters. SIP panel construction, day-lighting design, minimal site disturbance, and optional off-grid packages further contribute to overall reductions in energy use and a smaller environmental footprint. Small Domains are designed to create warm, healthy, and inviting shelters that allow simple and easy living in whatever landscape you enjoy most. The final result is a building that is extremely strong, energy efficient, low in maintenance and cost effective.


This Small Domain is more than just sleeping quarters, it adds a bathroom and kitchenette without compromising its minimalist feel. The main space is organized around the hearth of a wood burning stove, with the entrance and gathering spaces on one side, and the utility core on the other. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow ample natural light to flood the central room and provide stunning views of the surroundings. The central space makes a bold statement with a ceiling that slopes towards the ground, while the bathroom takes its own direction with an intersecting slope, mimicking hill and landscape forms where the rooflines intersect. With its distinctive exterior and warm, simple interior, "The Bunkhouse" is the perfect option for a serene retreat.


The Walnut's roots are engrained in efficiency, achieving a balance of minimized space and maximized usability. The core of the Walnut holds together the working activities of the structure: cooking, eating, washing and sleeping. The circulation around the core places you between these activities and the natural world that the cabin sits within, engaging both simultaneously. Large windows are placed at precise locations to intensify indoor/ outdoor experiences relative to the different activities of the core. The weaving of the core’s functions maximizes heating, air circulation and plumbing efficiencies, which increases comfort levels and lowers energy needs at the same time. The Walnut’s footprint is very compact, causing minimal impact on the land. Whether as a stand-alone cabin, or complimenting an existing one, the Walnut provides a Small Domain in which each person can find their own relationship with nature.

Brule Cabin

The Brule is an open aired light filled retreat that provides its interior with an abundance of natural light. It has all the creature comforts of home located on one level as well as two additional lofted sleeping areas. The focal point of this cabin is the central floor-to-ceiling space. The large amount of windows provides dramatic views of the landscape that surround it. The exterior of the Brule takes on more of a traditional feel of “cabin life”. It also provides the option for large exterior spaces off the two sides for decks and/or patios. The long narrow footprint makes it ideal to fit in to any environment.

Itasca Loft

This Small Domain captures a big view, bathing the interior with sun providing sunlight for inspiration and warmth. The Itasca Loft shelters and surprises with a comfort of the super-insulated shell and luxurious energy efficient modern glazing. This provides an exacting and unique way to communicate with your environment by orienting the dramatic wall of windows toward your favorite view.

The plan of the Itasca Loft locates the stove in the heart of the structure so warmth is shared evenly throughout the cabin. Each space opens towards the large windows on the world, while providing a quiet, sheltered retreat. This is the real reason we go to our Small Domain: to share in something big and beautiful, quiet and powerful, strong and flexible.

Tree Porch

The Tree Porch adds additional space and flexibility to any Small Domain. Designed to complement the simplicity of each Small Domain, the Tree Porch adds additional space when a Small Domain is just a little too small. With the ability to be used as living spaces, additional sleeping spaces, and other gathering spaces, the Tree Porch turns a Small Domain into a small community. The Tree Porch can be connected to any Small Domain with a small porch or walkway to create more flexibility for larger family gatherings, more spaces for sleeping, or semi private space for guests. The Tree Porch also can become the center of a larger development becoming a common space among many Small Domains. At left, shown in combination with the Bunkhouse, Itasca Loft, and Walnut, the Tree Porch becomes the final piece of a collection of Small Domains allowing for both private retreat and larger gathering, all the while maximizing the connection to nature.


Each Small Domain is sold as a kit which only needs your furniture to be a complete home away from home. Each kit includes all exterior and interior finishes that have been chosen for their durability, cost, environmental impact, and aesthetics. These materials optimize all of these characteristics to arrive at a low maintenance, low impact, yet comfortable interiors and exteriors that will last for years to come.

Each Small Domain is also available to be sold as a weather tight shell. This option comes complete with wall panels and exterior finishes. However, the interior is left alone for you to finish as you like.